HYDRA (ハイドラ) is a collective of three young & independent artists that was founded 2015 in Germany, Planet Earth. As misfits of the industry we're constantly trying to find new ways to realize our visions - always trying to stay independent from big corporations and keeping 100% creative freedom in anything we do. Our love for artistic expression spreads across multiple creative fields - we love to create music, clothing, videos, books, paintings, graphics and much more!

HYDRA_CCC (HYDRA CLIQUE CREATIVE COSMOS) is a place where all of our purchasable work is gathered. Everything you'll see on this site comes directly from our hearts and minds - portraying our values, emotions and thoughts.

We're also big advocates of a peaceful & sustainable future, so we're trying to produce everything as cruelty-free & sustainable as possible!

While the majority of income gets reinvested in new projects, we share all earnings equally with each other - always working together and chasing dreams as a team! We're thankful for every bit of support - as it lets us keep doing what we love and helps us to elevate things to the next level!

We hope you have fun and enjoy our ever expanding cosmos! <3